Women play a big role in making men violent, that is why husbands beat their wives

Ananya Shroff
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It is said that with changing times, the status of women in India is also changing, now they have started getting more rights and respect than before. An educated man understands the rights of women very well, but still he considers it his right to raise his hand on a woman. If he gets angry on something, he vents his anger on the woman.

It is very common for men to beat women, but have you ever tried to know the reason behind it. Why does a man not hesitate before raising his hand on his wife, why does he feel that he can beat his wife. Is it just anger or is it a lesson taught in childhood?

We spoke to Vishal Bhardwaj, founder and relationship coach of Prediction for Success, about this behavior of men. He spoke in detail on this issue and gave many reasons, one of which is that women themselves are responsible for this.

Influence of family environment

The education a man is given in childhood and the environment he is in the family affects his behavior. If he sees violence at home from a young age and grows up in such an environment, then obviously he does not learn to respect women. Women have no importance for him and he considers them nothing. Whatever he sees in childhood becomes his thinking forever.

Tolerating oppression is also a big reason

It is said that tolerating a crime is a bigger crime than committing it. Because by tolerating any kind of oppression, you are encouraging it. This is the reason that when a woman considers physical abuse to be normal. She tolerates her husband's beatings, then children learn by watching her that raising hands on women is not a big deal. Therefore, when a child sees his mother being beaten silently, he too gets the courage to beat his wife.

Depression also makes a person violent

Depression also makes a person violent

Many times the burden of family responsibilities starts increasing on the husband. Worries about the job and financial problems related to the family start dominating him. In such a situation, his behavior also changes due to depression. When a person's mind is not stable, he does not have the power to understand others. When he gets irritated, he can also become violent.

treats his wife as his property

treats his wife as his property

Husbands often consider their wives as their property and claim their rights over them and say anything. Many times there is a rift between the husband and wife or a compromise is not reached. During this, the husband gets angry and beats his wife while asserting his rights. During this, the ego of the man works like adding fuel to the fire.

Addiction and lack of awareness

Addiction and lack of awareness

Consumption of drugs and alcohol also promotes violence. In fact, in a state of intoxication, a person does not have control over himself, he is unable to judge right and wrong. As a result, he also becomes violent when a dispute increases on a small matter. During this time, the right thing also starts seeming wrong to the man. Due to lack of awareness, the husband is not taught to respect his wife, so in anger, he first raises his hand on his wife.

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