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New Delhi. Will the Indian cricket team be able to win the ICC T20 World Cup title this time or will it face disappointment again? Two legendary captains of England have different opinions on this question. The Indian team will probably play the T20 World Cup for the last time under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. Eoin Morgan, who won the ODI World Cup for England, believes that this team can easily beat anyone and is a strong contender to win the tournament. At the same time, a former captain has not even given India a place in the semi-finals.

This year's T20 World Cup is to be played under the hosting of America and West Indies Cricket Board. This mega ICC tournament will run from June 1 to June 29. The Indian team is considered to be the strongest contender to win the tournament this time. Morgan told 'Sky Sports', “Despite the injuries, the Indian team is the strongest in the tournament. Their strength and depth is amazing. They are strong contenders for me, their level is on paper. If they do the same on the field, then I think they can easily beat anyone in the tournament.”

A few days ago, former English captain Michael Vaughan finalized the names of his four T20 World Cup teams on the social media site. He did not include the name of Team India in this list. This means that he believes that the Indian team will not be able to reach the semi-finals this time. Vaughan had selected England, Australia, South Africa and West Indies.

The Indian team has been placed in Group A of the T20 World Cup. Apart from India's arch rival Pakistan, this group also has Ireland, Canada and America. The Indian team will start its campaign with a match against Ireland on June 5. After this, the big match between India and Pakistan will be played on June 9. The team will play against America on June 12 and Canada on June 15.

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