Give 60 crores to Delhi Police…. HC counted the benefits on the PIL

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Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi is the home ground of Delhi Capitals in IPL.Delhi Police provides security during these IPL matches.This petition was filed to recover Rs 60 crore from BCCI in exchange for security.

New Delhi. With the victory of Kolkata Knight Riders, the noise of IPL in the country has now stopped. The Indian team has left for its next campaign in the form of T20 World Cup. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a petition was heard in the Delhi High Court regarding a mega tournament like the Indian Premier League. A person filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Court saying that BCCI, which organizes IPL, has to pay Rs 60 crore to Delhi Police in lieu of providing security. The bench of Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora made several important comments while dismissing this petition.

Matches of the Delhi Capitals franchise have been held at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi for years. During this time, it is the responsibility of the Delhi Police to conduct the match peacefully in the presence of thousands of fans. The bench said that recovering this amount is a state matter. The court cannot give any order in this regard. The state gets a lot of tax from this. It is capable of recovering the money.

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We live in a different mindset…
The High Court said, 'When you go abroad, you will find that state governments lure corporates to start business in their state. They give them many kinds of concessions. We are still living in a different mindset. When you bring such a big corporate to your state, the revenue increases.'

How much does Pune-Mumbai Police earn per match?
The court was hearing a petition filed by a man named Haider Ali. He argued that Delhi Police owes more than ₹60 crore for providing security during IPL matches, but the government is not taking action to recover this money. It was reported that Mumbai and Pune police are charging around ₹66 lakh per match.

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