Women are still suffering the curse given by Yudhishthira in Mahabharata, they get taunted even after doing good work.

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You must have often heard people say that women should not be told any secrets because they are very talkative and they cannot keep anything in their stomach. Now whatever may be the reason for this, but an incident related to this is definitely found in Mahabharata. In which Yudhishthira had cursed the women race that women will never be able to hide anything from anyone.

Now why did Yudhishthira give such a curse, there is a need to understand that incident of Mahabharata. Also, there is a need to look at the proverbs for women from a different perspective according to the changing times. Because this proverb is always seen in a negative sense. Whereas sometimes its reason is also positive. (Photo courtesy: pexels, AI)

This incident is related to the death of Karna.

Actually, after the end of the Mahabharata war, mother Kunti was crying holding Karna in her lap. Then the Pandavas reached there and could not understand why their mother was shedding tears on the death of the enemy. Then Yudhishthira asked Kunti why she was crying so much on the death of her enemy. Then Kunti told that Karna was her own son.

After knowing the secret Yudhishthira cursed

Regarding the birth of Karna, Kunti told the Pandavas that Rishi Durvasa had been pleased and had given her a mantra and a boon. That the god she would invoke with this mantra would give her a son. At that time Kunti wanted to test the mantra and invoked the Sun God. Due to which she got the good fortune of making the Sun's son Karna wear armor and earrings. But due to fear of public shame, she locked the bright child in a box and floated it in the river. After which she got married to Pandu and the Pandavas were born.

Kunti hid such a big truth from everyone. Despite being brilliant and the son of Surya, Karna had to bear humiliation throughout his life. In such a situation, after performing the last rites of Karna, Yudhishthira got angry and cursed the entire woman race that from now on no woman will be able to hide anything in her stomach.

Women still hide things

Women still hide things

It is believed that because of this incident of Mahabharata, women are not able to hide anything, now it cannot be ascertained how much truth is there in this. But just as Kunti hid the truth about Karna out of fear of society at that time, similarly even today there are some things which are kept hidden. Many women do not tell their problems, sorrows and bad conditions at home.

Keep the secret of success

Keep the secret of success

You must have often heard that a successful person does not tell his plans to anyone but moves towards success quietly and slowly. The same thing applies to many women, who keep their goals hidden and work on them to become capable. They do not tell what, when and how they want to do, but show it by achieving it.

Sometimes it's necessary to say

Sometimes it's necessary to say

The saying 'women cannot digest things' gives a negative feeling according to the perception of society, but if it is considered positive then it is important to share it. Because sharing things solves the problem. That is why people say that one should express his feelings clearly so that when the problem is known, its solution can be found. Unless the problem is known, how will the solution be found.

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