Jaya Kishori told the reason why girls are not able to move forward, asked 'What is the logic behind this?'

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Have you ever heard someone walking on the road say, 'If the car is moving slowly, it must be driven by a woman', or 'Hey, a girl is sitting, keep your car away.' We often hear such things, but where do these things come from in people's minds?

Jaya Kishori told in one of her interviews that how this thinking of people prevents girls from moving forward. While talking, Jaya Kishori even said that is this a matter of logic? (Photo courtesy: Instagram @iamjayakishori)

Jaya Kishori shared the story

Motivational speaker Jaya Kishori shared an incident during an interview and said, 'I was travelling by flight, when I heard a voice from the back seat, people were talking that there is going to be trouble, a girl will be the pilot'. Talking on this subject, Jaya said, is this logical?

work hard like a man

Jaya Kishori completes her statement by saying, 'Has the girl studied less? Or has she become a pilot by paying money? She has worked as hard as the man has studied to achieve that position. Jaya Kishori said it absolutely right. It is like this in our society that if boys move ahead then their hard work is seen but the hard work of girls is ignored.

What else did Jaya Kishori say?

Girls have to face this problem

Girls have to face this problem

Jaya Kishori also said in her interview that girls have to face a lot of problems because of this thinking of people. Their motivation gets weakened because of people who say this. Fighting for their studies and then fighting for their jobs. Women who have sons have to endure a lot for their rights.

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