While enjoying Holi, water should not enter your phone, keep these important tips tied in a knot.

Ananya Shroff
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Everyone gets so engrossed in playing Holi that many times we do not pay attention to small things. You cannot expect everyone to apply only dry color lovingly to you, hence we should also be prepared for the fact that while having fun, our friends may drench us badly with water. No matter how much you want to avoid it, Holi is such a festival that everyone gets excited about it. In such a situation, it is important to take great care of a special thing in your daily life. Here we are talking about your phone. It is also possible for your phone to get wet while playing Holi. Therefore, along with playing Holi to your heart's content, also take special care of some things.

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If the phone gets wet, it may take a long time. Therefore, if you are going to play Holi, then first keep these things in mind.

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Cover the port: Water can easily enter through the mobile port, which can cause damage to the internal parts. Therefore, cover the port and speaker of the phone with some tape.

Zip Lock Bag: While playing Holi, it can prove to be right to keep gadgets and accessories like phone, smartwatch or earbuds in a zip lock, so that water does not get into it and they are saved from getting damaged. The price of this bag is very low and you can buy it online or from any phone accessories shop.

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Pattern/PIN Lock: While playing Holi, your face and hands get covered with colors, hence it is possible that your biometric scanner may not work and face or finger print may not work on your phone. Therefore, it is correct to put a PIN or pattern on the phone.

Don't make charging mistakes: Even if water accidentally gets into the phone while playing Holi, do not make the mistake of putting it on charging. First let the port of the phone dry, only then think about putting it on charge.

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