Diabetic patients can eat sweets on Holi, just keep 5 things in mind, sugar will not increase

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People whose sugar level is under control can eat sweets in less quantity.
Diabetic patients should eat home-made sweets instead of market ones.

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Diabetes And Sweets: The festival of colours, Holi, is being celebrated across the country. People are wishing each other Happy Holi by applying colors. Gujhiya is made in almost all the houses on the occasion of Holi. Apart from this, many sweets and dishes are prepared on the festival. People enjoy sweets and dishes a lot on Holi. During this period, diabetic patients also become careless and eat sweets in large quantities. However, doing so can be extremely harmful for them. Due to this their blood sugar can increase rapidly. Now the question is, in what quantity and in what form can diabetic patients eat sweets during festivals? Let us know the answer to this from the doctor.

Dr. Paras Aggarwal, consultant endocrinologist and diabetes expert at Max Healthcare Gurugram, told News18. That diabetic patients should generally avoid sweets. Most sweets contain purified sugar, which reaches the body and immediately increases the blood sugar level. However, it is the festival of Holi and if sugar patients also want to enjoy it, then they can eat sweets in very less quantity. Try to eat home-made sweets instead of market sweets. While making sweets at home, you can add stevia grass in it and keep the amount of sugar in it less. Sugar patients should not cross the limit of eating sweets during festivals. Due to carelessness the sugar level can increase rapidly, which is very dangerous.

Doctor Paras Aggarwal says that diabetic patients should not eat sweets on an empty stomach. Instead, they should first eat foods rich in fiber and protein. After this, eat things containing fat and carbohydrates and finally you can eat sweets. Sugar patients should eat sweets only after breakfast or lunch. By doing this the blood sugar level will not increase very fast. However, the quantity of sweets should not be excessive. Apart from this, people whose blood sugar is uncontrolled or those who are suffering from diabetic neuropathy should completely avoid sweets and fried foods. Apart from this, sugar patients should eat only dry sweets. One should completely stay away from cold drinks and sweet juices. Liquid sugar can increase blood sugar rapidly.

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