Twinkle Khanna, who was feeding milk on this statement of Akshay Kumar, felt like a 'cow', know the whole matter.

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Twinkle Khanna's children are now quite grown up. On Mother's Day, she shared a funny story from her motherhood journey. Twinkle told that when she became a mother for the first time, her husband Akshay Kumar had made her a milk cow.

After becoming a mother for the first time, Twinkle shared an incident and told that a guest had come to her house. Akshay tells them that Twinkle can't come to meet him as she is giving milk. Akshay has called breastfeeding as milking. Twinkle said that at that time she had turned from a hot girl to a cow.

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breastfeeding is important

This was all a joke but you and we all know how important breastfeeding is for mother and child. Even doctors themselves advise mothers to breastfeed for the first 6 months after the birth of the child. This gives the child antibodies to fight many diseases.

Know further what are the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child and why it is important for the mother to breastfeed.

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Risk of diseases is reduced

Center for Disease Control and Prevention According to , breastfeeding can help protect babies from some short-term and long-term diseases and illnesses. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes and SIDS. Breastfed babies are also less likely to get ear infections and stomach worms.

mother remains healthy

mother remains healthy

clevelandclinic According to this, the mother also gets many benefits from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in the months after delivery reduces the risk of postpartum depression. It reduces the risk of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, thyroid cancer, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

a bond is formed

a bond is formed

Breastfeeding is the easiest way to strengthen the bond between mother and child. Breastfeeding is a special and unique way to feel connected to your baby. The bond associated with breastfeeding can help reduce social and behavioral problems in both children and adults.

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weight decreases

weight decreases

If you are also worried about reducing your increased weight after delivery, then breastfeeding can help you in this. Breastfeeding burns calories, which can help in weight loss.

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