America's 'traitor' who got a lot of love, was seen wearing a leopard skin jacket at the age of 86

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For most common Indians, the Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with Aishwarya Rai. This is because when Indian stars were not even asked much in this famous event, since then Aish has been spreading her beauty and style there. From her youth till the age of 50, this beauty has been enhancing her prestige by attending Cannes. She has proved that when it comes to beauty and fashion, age cannot be a barrier for her.

However, at Cannes 2024, an actress showed such a look that even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would definitely pale in comparison to her. When the 86-year-old famous actress, who was once hated by the entire America, reached the red carpet, there was a competition among the photographers to capture her on camera. When you see his pictures, you will not be able to remain impressed. (All photos: AP, Getty)

Spread beauty even after crossing 80

Actress and former fashion model Jane has not loosened her grip on glamor even at this age. The proof of this was clearly visible in her red carpet look.

On the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, she wore a black jumpsuit by Elie Saab, the lower part of which was given a straight cut trouser look. While the lower and upper waist portions were kept fitted.

Collar and lapels were given in the upper part, giving it a suit jacket-like look, which added a bossy touch to the overall look.

Applique work added shine

Jane Fonda's slim fit figure was being highlighted beautifully in this jumpsuit. The floral applique work in black and silver combination from the lower bust portion to the upper thigh was successful in adding shine to the look as well as enhancing the glamor of the outfit.

OTT effect given by animal print jacket

OTT effect given by animal print jacket

To add OTT flavor to this glam look, Jane wore a log jacket from Forte-Forte, which had animal print all over it. This leopard skin print piece took fashion to a higher level.

Every detail was on target

Every detail was a target giver

The way Jane styled this entire look was making her look flawless from every angle. The actress wore an applique work jumpsuit and animal print jacket with silver pump heels, choker necklace, ring, bracelet and matching earrings, which looked like a perfect choice. Talking about makeup, she kept it in nude tone and red lipstick was applied on her lips.

Light smoky makeup was done to highlight the blue eyes of the actress. Cut into waves, Jen's short hair was given volume by blow drying and styled with a side part. This was giving an even sharper look to her slim face.

Why did the whole of America start hating?

Why did the whole of America start hating?

There was a time when the whole of America started hating Jane Fonda. Actually, all this happened when during the Vietnam War, the American Army supported South Vietnam and sent its army there. Many lives were lost and the entire country kept burning in the fire of war. Meanwhile, people like Fonda emerged as anti-war heroes. She criticized this step of America and also went to Vietnam.

After reaching Vietnam, he requested that American soldiers return to their country. A picture of him was also revealed, in which the same gun was seen in his hand, with which many American fighter planes were targeted. The American people did not like all this at all.

Had to apologize, till today the matter has not gone from my mind.

Had to apologize, till today the matter has not gone from my mind.

America, where Jane was always loved, the same country started hating its actress and even started calling her a traitor. Not only this, people also stopped giving them work. Later Jane had to apologize for this, but she did not get this forgiveness easily. Actually, this thing is stuck in the minds of people till date and this is the reason why this veteran actress is seen saying sorry again and again.

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