South superstar's wife suffers from postpartum depression, husband had to go to his maternal home and stay there

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South superstar Ramcharan and his wife Upasana were blessed with a daughter in June last year. Both of them have got the happiness of becoming parents after many years of marriage, so both are very happy with the arrival of their daughter. During an interview, Ramcharan's wife Upasana had told that she had gone into postpartum depression after delivery.

In an interview given to Times of India, Upasana told that during this depression, her husband became her therapist and he supported her completely. Pooja told one more thing related to this which perhaps you or anyone else would not have expected.

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Ram Charan lived in his wife's maternal home.

Upasana told that during postpartum depression, she stayed in her maternal home and during this time Ramcharan also stayed there with her. Her husband gave her a lot of support and strength. You would never have imagined that despite being such a big actor, Ram Charan would have gone out of his comfort zone and gone to his in-laws' house to get his wife out of depression.

Professional help should be taken

Upasana said that you should give importance to your health and also seek professional help if needed. Along with this, she also told that her husband is also engaged in raising their daughter and with his presence this journey of parenthood has become much easier.

mom feels guilty

mom feels guilty

Upasana told that after becoming a mother, she too has faced some challenges and she has also been a victim of mom guilt many times. She said that leaving her daughter alone at home when she and her husband go out for work makes both of them feel emotionally bad. However, the actress also emphasizes on maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

What should a husband do in case of wife's postpartum depression?

What should a husband do in case of wife's postpartum depression?

psychologytoday According to research, it has been proven that postpartum depression can be cured with the love and support of a partner. At this time your wife needs your love and support. Even if you think it will go away on its own, it may take a long time for it to heal completely. Apart from this, you should not have too many expectations from your wife during this time, otherwise she may face difficulty in recovery.
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let's sleep well

let's sleep well

MavenClinic According to this, it is very important for a new mother to get enough sleep to remain happy and energetic. Help your wife in taking care of the baby for a few months after delivery and let her sleep well. This can reduce your wife's stress level considerably.

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