The model arrived at Cannes wearing this top which had snakes wrapped around her face instead of hair and it has a connection to Greek mythology.

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Like every year, this year too famous stars from all over the world are participating in the Cannes Film Festival. This is one of the biggest film festivals in the world and in such a situation everyone wants to give the best with their look. This is the reason why stars are doing various experiments with their outfits, which are also gaining a lot of headlines.

At the same time, now the look of famous model Michelle Akat Maruko Ran has come into discussion. In which she was seen in a black gown and golden corset. On which a woman's face is drawn and instead of her hair, there are snakes. This corset was inspired by Medusa from Greek mythology. In such a situation, all eyes were fixed on him. Let's take a look at her look. (Photo Courtesy: Getty)

This outfit was from the same designer

Michelle was seen in Harvey Senitt's custom made gown at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. It had a golden corset and a black body hugging skirt was paired with it. A floor length trail was added to both the sleeves and a long trail was attached to the skirt by adding flares at the bottom. Due to which a wonderful flow was coming down from the top in a perfectly fitting dress. At the same time, the beauty had also styled it very well.

It is related to Greek mythology

Michelle's corset is inspired by Medusa from Greek mythology. She is also known as Gorgo or Gorgon. Medusa is said to have been a woman who had live snakes on her head instead of hair. She was so dangerous that anyone who saw her would turn into stone. Now for her red carpet appearance in Cannes, the model wore a corset with a 3D shape of Medusa's face. Which added a different element to this whole look.

The sleeves added spice

Sleeve added spice

While Hasina's golden corset was adding charm to the outfit, its sleeves were also adding life to the look. Sleeves were attached separately, which were left open by pinching at the top and the length was kept till the floor. This made it look exactly like wings. With which he posed in a killer style. The trail of the skirt also looked fantastic.

minimalist jewelery style

Minimalist Jewelry Style

The main attraction of this look of the model was her corset top. Which attracted a lot of people's attention. In such a situation, Haseena wore very little jewellery. She was seen wearing only small golden studs and nose pins on both sides of her nose. The makeup was also kept subtle. Overall, Hasina's style was killer. Which people are liking.

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