Fact Check: Did BJP appoint Prashant Kishor as national spokesperson? Know the truth of the letter going viral

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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New Delhi: A letter is becoming increasingly viral on social media, it is being told that this letter has been issued by the National General Secretary of BJP. It is being claimed in the viral letter that BJP national president JP Nadda has appointed former political strategist and founder of Jan Suraj Abhiyan Prashant Kishor as the national chief spokesperson. BJP has denied this letter which is viral on social media. We have fact checked this viral picture.

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What is being claimed?
Let us tell you that recently in an interview Prashant Kishor had claimed that BJP will not get 379 seats in this Lok Sabha election, but it is certain that BJP will not get less than 270 seats, that is, the government will be formed. Only BJP. After this claim of Prashant Kishor, this letter started going viral on social media and it was claimed that Prashant Kishor has been made the national spokesperson of BJP.

The letter going viral on social media is allegedly issued by BJP National Secretary Arun Singh and its date of issue is written as 22 May 2024. Apart from this, it is written in the letter that BJP National President JP Nadda has appointed Mr. Prashant. Kishor appointed as BJP's National Chief Spokesperson

How did you fact check it?
To investigate this letter containing claims about Prashant Kishore, we first searched on Google with the help of related keywords. During this time, we did not find any news report in which the viral claim was mentioned.

After this, when we compared the viral letter with the original letter issued by BJP, we noticed some difference, which can be seen in the picture given below.

During this time we got information about Prashant Kishore's organization. jan suraj's x handle A tweet was found in which he had called this letter fake. Actually, in his tweet, Jansuraj had shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat, in which Jairam Ramesh had allegedly shared this letter.

jan suraj

Reacting to this, Jansuraj wrote, 'You all talk about fake news and claim to be victims. Now see for yourself how Congress party's communication chief Jairam Ramesh is sharing a fake letter.

After this, BJP spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill has also called this letter fake. He said that if something like this had happened, we would have definitely got information about it from the organization and it would have definitely been shared through BJP's social media handles. Apart from this, BJP's National General Secretary Arun Singh also called this claim fake.

From all these things it is clear that this letter going viral on social media is completely fake. BJP has not issued any such letter.

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