T20 World Cup: The price of a ticket for India-Pakistan match is Rs 16 lakh… Former IPL chairman classed ICC

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New Delhi. Now only a few days are left for the T20 World Cup to start. This tournament will start as soon as the first date of next month arrives. India will start its campaign against Ireland on June 5. After this, there will be a match between India and Pakistan on June 9, for which cricket fans all over the world are waiting. The ticket price of this match has crossed Rs 16.60 lakh, due to which many cricket fans are very angry. The first chairman of IPL, Lalit Modi has also taken ICC to task for this.

Lalit Modi wrote on social media, the reason for organizing the World Cup in America is to expand cricket and create new fans, not to earn money from gate collections. This is not cricket at all.

Let us tell you that the bilateral series between India and Pakistan has been stopped for more than a decade. For this reason, the cricket teams of India and Pakistan compete only in tournaments like the ICC World Cup or Asia Cup. And this is why cricket fans are eager to see the clash between these two teams.

There have been allegations of India-Pakistan T20 World Cup tickets being sold in black. It is alleged that these tickets are being sold at a higher price than the fixed price. But the ICC has not reacted to such allegations.

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