Some will be happy and some will be sad to hear this news about Vaishno Devi… Do check your pocket before climbing

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Vaishno Devi is one such religious place in the country where the maximum number of devotees reach for darshan. Whether you go in summer or winter or monsoon, lakhs of devotees come to visit the temple of Mata in every season. Although all types of devotees come here for darshan, but there are some on whom it is very important to impose a ban, yes, according to the administration, such devotees insult religious places.
According to the information, the Jammu administration has completely banned the sale, possession and consumption of cigarettes and other tobacco products in Katra. The temple of Mata Vaishno Devi is located in Katra. And every month thousands of people reach here to visit Mata. Let us tell you, this initiative has been started on Baku Prohibition Day, the aim of this initiative is to maintain the sanctity of the religious place. This news may be bad for those who consume it, but those who do not consume it will be happy. Let us give you more information related to this.

Earlier, meat and alcohol were also banned

The Jammu administration has banned the sale of meat and alcohol in Katra and its surrounding areas. Not only sale, but storage and consumption has also been banned. According to Section 144, storage, sale and consumption of cigarettes, gutkha and other types of tobacco have been banned from Numai and Panthal check post to Bhawan via Tara Court. This has been done to keep Katra's base camp, the yatra route and the entire place tobacco free.

40 thousand pilgrims visit Katra every day

Every day around 30 to 40 thousand devotees visit Katra. During Navratri this number reaches lakhs. Keeping in mind the sentiments of the devotees, the sale of meat and alcohol was already banned in Katra. Now the purchase, sale and consumption of tobacco products has also been banned.

Right time to visit Vaishno Devi: Peak season or off season

Right time to visit Vaishno Devi: Peak season or off season

The doors to Vaishno Devi Maa Darshan are open throughout the year, but the most fun time to trek is between March to October. The weather during these months is pleasant and quite favorable for Mata Darshan. However, if you really want to experience the religious things, then you can plan during Navratri.

Now let's talk about the off season. Between November and February, it is very cold in Jammu and Kashmir and the temperature goes below zero. During this time only those people should go who consider themselves healthy. But yes, at this time Katra and its surrounding areas are covered with a sheet of snow. Which really looks beautiful.

how to reach vaishno devi

how to reach vaishno devi

Enjoy traveling with your own car!
This method is good for those who want to enjoy a beach trip, they get the freedom to stop anywhere on the way, they also get a chance to roam around, the good thing is that the roads are very good, so the journey is also comfortable.
The comfort of traveling by train!
There are around 20 Vaishno Devi trains running from Delhi to Katra. Some of the popular trains include – YPR NZM Special, Hapa SVDK Express, Jammu Mail, DLI SVDK Special. The fastest train among these is Shri Vaishno Devi Katra Vande Bharat, which takes you to Katra in just 8 hours.
Live view from helicopter
There is a distance of about 650 kilometers between Delhi and Vaishno Devi, so it is not possible to visit Mata Vaishno Devi directly by helicopter, but you can use the helicopter service from Katra to Sanjivani Chhatra.

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