Seeing Shark Tank judge Namitha's clothes reminded me of Deepika's 'disrespectful' clothes.

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Businesswoman Namita Thapar, who gained popularity among the people as a judge of Shark Tank, has debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. The personality who came to represent the entrepreneur also presented a great example of her fashion skills in the very first glimpse. She wore a beautiful looking gown with dramatic details, making her beauty and grace look extremely impressive.

However, one angle related to this look is that there was nothing new in it. In fact, it is also reminiscent of the gown that Deepika Padukone wore during the Cannes Film Festival. There was drama added to every detail of the actress's outfit, which was absolutely charming. But this also made him a target of the people. Deepika was made fun of all over social media, due to which the pictures spread like wildfire. (All photos: Instagram@namitathapar, Deepikapadukone)

First of all let's talk about Namita's look.

Namita wore a pastel shade gown, which featured dramatic details from front to back. Her beautiful looking dress was designed by famous Lebanese fashion designer Elio Abou Faisal.

Made from self-textured fabric, every detail was tailored and fitted to accentuate Namita's figure. This detail also succeeded in making the structure of the gown more attractive.

Balloon Sleeves with Sweetheart Neckline

The top part of the tailed gown was off the shoulder with a sweetheart neckline. A corset design was added on the upper waist portion while adding pleats on the bust portion. The sleeves were kept completely dramatic, while the tail was kept pleated and long.

The gown also featured thigh high slit detailing on the left side. This cut and the shape of the neckline were adding a touch of hotness to Namita's look.

The businesswoman completed her look with silver platform heels, stunning diamond jewellery, a classic hair bun, nude shade makeup and red lips.

Deepika's look was also similar

Deepika's look was also similar

Seeing these clothes of Namita reminded me of Deepika Padukone's gown at Cannes Film Festival 2022. She got it from Aashi Studio while experimenting with fashion.

Every detail of the custom fitted dress was nothing less than a sculpture. This dramatic orange dress featured layers of fabric shaped like a cocoon and cape. The waist was made super attractive by the bustier and the top was made super attractive by the clean sweetheart neckline.

People said 'I was insulted'

People said I was insulted

There is no doubt that this look of Deepika was really stunning, but people did not fail to take aim at it too. He made many comments like 'You got this done, you were insulted', 'You should have worn nice clothes instead of wrapping yourself in a sheet'. One person even asked whether she would be able to watch films as a jury in these clothes?

became a meaningless goal

became a meaningless goal

And do you know what was the reason behind all this? Actually, when Deepika reached the red carpet wearing this long tail gown, she had to handle it with her hands again and again.

She did all this with such ease that she proved that even in times of trouble, this girl can handle everything calmly.

Seeing this, his confidence should have been praised, but on the contrary, people targeted him and made lewd comments.

However, Deepika did not let this unnecessary trolling affect her even one percent, which in itself was no less than a silent slap for the trollers.

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