If the son's father follows this advice of Acharya Chanakya, he will never be ridiculed in the society.

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You must also know that the way of upbringing of boys and girls is different. Different types of values ​​are given to both the children. Today in this article we are telling you how sons should be brought up according to Acharya Chanakya.

Acharya Chanakya says that sons should not be praised in front of anyone. He says that just as it is not right to praise oneself, in the same way it is not right to praise one's talented son, hence one should avoid doing so.

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What should the son's father do?

Acharya Chanakya had said that a father should inspire his son to do good works but should never mention or describe his qualities in the society. According to Chanakya, doing this is like praising yourself and due to this you may also be ridiculed in the society.

may cause mental distress

Regarding praising his son, Acharya says that if a father praises his son then he can become a laughing stock in the society and it can also cause mental pain to him, hence Chanakya believes that the father should praise his son. One should not praise oneself in front of others.

It is not necessary to praise the virtues

It is not necessary to praise the virtues

Acharya believes that if your son is talented and excellent, it is not necessary that you praise his qualities and tell everyone how good he is or what he has achieved in his life.

You will be recognized in the society

You will be recognized in the society

According to him, if your son has a lot of qualities and he is a noble and honest person then his qualities and qualities will automatically start getting appreciated in the society. It is possible that when you praise your son, no one will believe you, so instead of speaking yourself, let the goodness of your son reach the world and praise his qualities yourself.

will be respected

will be respected

Acharya believes that your goodness automatically becomes famous in the society and you do not need to praise it. So now you should also listen to Acharya Chanakya and give up the habit of praising or praising your son in the society, otherwise it may cause trouble to you.

It would be better if you impart good values ​​to your son and focus on making him a noble person. This is your duty as a father.

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