NDA has majority but the path of one country one election will not be easy in the new government, know the reason

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: In the Lok Sabha elections-2024, the BJP-led NDA has crossed the majority mark, but the BJP got only 240 seats and fell short of the majority figure of 272 on its own. Due to this, it will now be necessary for the government to take the opposition along to pass a proposal like constitutional amendment in the House. Actually, a two-thirds majority of the total number is required for constitutional amendment, which will not be possible without the cooperation of the opposition. In the last two general elections, when the NDA government was formed under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, both times the BJP's seats were crossing the majority. But this time the situation is different. To get other bills passed, the BJP will also have to take all its allies into confidence. To implement 'One Country One Election', the BJP will have to take the cooperation of its constituent parties as well as the opposition. In such a situation, the path of one country one election will not be easy now.

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The numbers game will make a difference

Former Lok Sabha Secretary General PDT Acharya says that the number game will make a difference. The number for majority in Lok Sabha is 272, while BJP has only 240 seats. Due to this, the BJP-led government will have to take all the allies into confidence while taking any major decision. In terms of total 543 seats, the two-thirds figure is 362. If the ruling party had got 362 or more seats, it would have been easy to amend the Constitution and it would not have needed to convince the other party to get any bill passed in the Lok Sabha, because a two-thirds majority is required in both the houses for constitutional amendment. In many constitutional amendments which are related to the states, the approval of more than half of the members of the state assembly is also necessary. It is clear from the result of the Lok Sabha elections that when any bill comes in the House, there will be a possibility of detailed debate on it and if constitutional amendment becomes necessary, the ruling party will have to take the support of the opposition. No constitutional amendment will be possible without the opposition.

Everyone's cooperation is necessary

Senior Supreme Court advocate ML Lahoti says that the path of constitutional amendment for the central government's plan 'one country one election' has now become a bit difficult. For this, consensus will have to be made from all the parties. Without the support of the All India Alliance, two-thirds majority will not be achieved and in such a situation the path will not be easy. In fact, on March 14, the high level committee constituted to test One Country One Election had recommended holding Lok Sabha and Assembly elections simultaneously in the country. In the report, the committee had recommended holding simultaneous elections as well as some constitutional amendments. At the same time, the matter of Uniform Civil Code is also on the government's agenda. Last year, on the request of the central government, the Law Commission had issued a consultation paper for this. This issue is also politically very sensitive. In such a situation, BJP will need the support of its constituent parties for this, only then it will be able to move forward in this direction.

Which party will be the leader of the opposition?

How many seats are needed for the Leader of Opposition, this question has been very important. This time Congress has got about 100 seats. Legal experts say that the leader of the largest party among the opposition parties gets the status of Leader of Opposition. However, the trend is that to become the Leader of Opposition, the largest opposition party needs at least 10 percent of the total seats i.e. 55 seats. In the last two terms, the number of Congress was less than 55 and their leader did not get the status of Leader of Opposition. This time Congress has reached around 100. In such a situation, their leader will also get the post of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and after this he will be able to put his point strongly in the House. Be it the collegium formed for the appointment of the CBI director or the high power committee formed for the appointment of the Election Commissioner and the Chief Election Commission, the Leader of Opposition is also a member of them.

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