In '3 Idiots' Mona Singh slapped Aamir hard, his first wife also slapped him

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Aamir Khan is ready to go to any extent to bring power to his character and he also experiments a lot. This is the reason why Aamir is called 'Mr. Perfectionist'. But can anyone take a hard slap to achieve perfection in a scene? Probably not, but Aamir did it and that too during the shooting of Rajkumar Hirani's film '3 Idiots'. Mona Singh has told in an interview how Aamir had asked her to slap him hard. Mona Singh's character was about to be delivered during that scene in the film. Mona Singh was surprised to see Aamir Khan's dedication and perfection for that scene. But on Aamir's request, Mona also slapped him hard. Aamir's bodyguards were standing nearby, and they too were stunned.

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Story of the delivery scene in '3 Idiots'

Mona Singh told News18, “First there was a discussion on what to do. Should I bite him, kick him, slap him or ask him to get out? Then everyone was sharing their experiences – my wife did this, she did that. Then we came to the conclusion that I will slap Aamir.”


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Mona slapped Aamir hard, this was his reaction

Mona further said, 'And everyone knows Aamir sir. He wants the scene to look real instead of method acting. Then Aamir said that we will shoot only one take and you have to slap me hard. I said yes and I am a Sardarni and I did it. I was full of energy and his bodyguard was standing behind and watching the scene. After the scene, I asked if it was okay, then Aamir just showed me the thumbs up.'

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