Bombay High Court issues notice against Annu Kapoor's film 'Humare Barah', stays the release of the film

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Annu Kapoor starrer 'Humare Barah' is in deep trouble and now its release has been postponed. Earlier this film was going to be released in theaters on June 7, but the Bombay High Court has currently stayed its release till June 14. Recently a Pune resident had filed a petition, after which the Bombay High Court, after hearing both the parties, postponed the release date of 'Humare Barah' till June 14. The film Hamare Barah has been surrounded by controversies ever since the trailer and teaser were released. The actors of the film are receiving death and rape threats. Actually, the story of people of a particular religion has been shown in this film. It shows how women are mistreated and tortured in the name of religion. Also, they are forced to have more children.

Controversy over the film 'Humare Barah' escalated, Annu Kapoor sought security from Home Ministry, NCP demanded a ban on its release
Navbharat TimesWhat is more important to fill the wombs of women or the stomachs of children? You will get goosebumps after watching the trailer of 'Humare Barah'

Annu Kapoor said this

On the controversy surrounding his film, Annu Kapoor had said that people should first watch the film and then think about it. He said that 'Humare Barah' talks about women empowerment and increasing population. It is not about any religious community.

Navbharat TimesActors of Annu Kapoor's film 'Humare Barah' received death and rape threats, complaint filed with police

Objection on dialogues too, asked censor board to make cuts

Recently, Pune resident Azhar Tamboli had filed a petition in the Bombay High Court appealing to stop the release. Tamboli had said that the film hurts the sentiments of the Muslim community and the Quran has also been shown in a wrong way in it. Not only this, objections have also been raised on some dialogues of 'Humare Barah'. The film had received a U/A certificate, questions have also been raised on that. According to 'Aaj Tak', lawyer Advait Sethna told that now the censor board has been asked to make some cuts in the film 'Humare Barah'. The film can be released only after some scenes or dialogues are removed from the film. He told that the censor board can only control the film, not its promotional video or trailer.

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