Lifelong Mixer Grinder for Kitchen – 3 Jars 500 Watt Mixie – Chutney Jar, Dry Grinder Jar & Liquidizing Jar used as Wet Grinder & Blender for Milkshake, Smoothie, Puree -Stainless Steel Blades(LLMG23)

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From the manufacturer


Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

Introducing the Lifelong 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Introducing our powerful 500-Watt mixer grinder, the ultimate kitchen companion that effortlessly combines functionality and convenience. This versatile mixi is designed to tackle all your grinding and mixing needs with ease. Whether you’re blending spices, grinding herbs, or preparing delicious smoothies, this grinder is your go-to solution.

Versatile Mixer Grinder Usage

Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

Discover the versatility of our mixer grinder’s multiple jars, each tailored to specific tasks. From the fine grinding jar for spices to the spacious blender jar for smoothies, our home appliances cater to diverse culinary needs.


Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

0.5L Jar for Chutney

Gather all the ingredients needed for your chutney, depending on the chutney you want to make.Ensure that the mixer grinder jar is clean and dry before you start.Chop or roughly cut the ingredients into smaller pieces.Place the chopped ingredients into the mixer grinder jar.Add any required seasoning such as salt, spices, or lemon juice according to your taste preferences.Ensure that the lid of the mixer grinder jar is tightly secured to prevent any spillage during operation.Most mixer grinders come with different speed settings or grinding modes. For chutney, you typically want to use a high-speed setting to achieve a smooth texture.Turn on the mixer grinder and let it run for a few seconds initially to allow the ingredients to settle at the bottom of the jar.Stop the grinder intermittently to check the consistency of the chutney. If needed, scrape down the sides of the jar with a spatula to ensure all ingredients are evenly blended.Taste the chutney and adjust seasoning.

1.5L Master Jar for Juices

Wash and chop the fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces as needed, removing any seeds or pits.Attach the juice jar securely to the mixer grinder base.Place the chopped fruits or vegetables into the juice jar.Securely close the lid of the juice jar to prevent splashing or spillage during operation.Turn on the mixer grinder and select the appropriate speed setting.Allow the mixer grinder to blend the ingredients thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency.Stop the mixer grinder and check the consistency of the juice.Once the juice is ready, pour it into glasses and serve immediately for the best taste and freshness.After use, detach the juice jar from the mixer grinder base and wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

1L Multi-Jar for Dosas & Idli

Gather all the necessary ingredients for dosa or idli batter, including rice, urad dal (black gram lentils), fenugreek seeds, and water. Rinse the rice and dal thoroughly and soak them separately in water for a few hours or overnight.Attach the appropriate jar for grinding the batter securely to the mixer grinder base.Drain the soaked rice and dal and add them separately to the grinding jar. Add a small amount of water as needed to facilitate the grinding process.Grind the rice and dal until you achieve a smooth and fine consistency.If desired, you can mix the ground rice and dal batter together in a separate mixing bowl to combine them thoroughly. Add salt to taste and mix well.

Razor-Sharp Precision & Multi-Tasking Efficiency

Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

The mixer grinder blades boast razor-sharp edges for precise grinding, effortlessly tackling spices, nuts, and grains to perfection. These grinder blades swiftly transform the mixer into a powerhouse of culinary marvels.

Quadra Flow Technology: Precision in Every blend

Mixer GrinderMixer Grinder

With our mixer grinder’s Quadra Flow Technology, you can blend with unmatched precision and consistency every time. It ensures even mixing and grinding for consistently smooth results.

Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder: This versatile kitchen appliance, also known as a mixer grinder, juicer mixer grinder, or blender, caters to various functions such as liquidizing (1.5 liters), dry grinding (0.8 liters), and chutney preparation (0.35 liters) with specialized jars. (for Masala Grinding,)
Electrical Efficiency: Operating at a voltage of 220 – 240 volts and a frequency of 50Hz 1Phase, this mixer machine is designed for optimal performance in your home kitchen.
Stainless Steel Blades: The mixer features three robust blades at the bottom made of durable stainless steel, efficiently grinding all your ingredients to a smooth paste or powder. It’s not just a grinder; it’s your go-to electric grinder.
Multi-Functional Capability: With a 3-speed control motor and a multi-functional blade system, this kitchen mixer juicer ensures versatility in blending, grinding, and smoothie-making – a perfect smoothie blender for your culinary needs.
Noise and Initial Usage: Operating within noise levels of 80-90 dB, this machine may emit an initial burning smell due to evaporating varnish, which is a normal occurrence during the first use.
Warranty and Assurance: The Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, ensuring durability and reliability for your kitchen tasks.

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