This time there was a lot of voting in West Bengal, Bihar and UP were left behind, see the latest figures of the Election Commission

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: In the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections, only the fifth phase saw more voting than the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In the remaining six phases, the voting figures were much less than in 2019. The voting figures given by the Election Commission after each phase of voting till around 7 pm were updated by the Commission a few days later, in which an increase of four to six percent was seen. The difference between the first and fourth phases was more than 6 percent. On the other hand, in the seven-phase elections for all 543 Lok Sabha seats in 36 states and union territories, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were the three states that were discussed a lot politically. While the people of West Bengal were at the forefront in voting across the country, the voters of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh showed indifference and voted the least.

Heavy voting took place in West Bengal
If we look at the voting figures of all the seven phases, West Bengal was in the top-2 in the first, third and fourth phases. The highest voting took place here in the 5th, 6th and 7th phases. Odisha and Tripura were also among the states with the highest voting. At the same time, Bihar was the only state which was among the top-3 lagging states in terms of the lowest voting in every phase. In the first, fourth, 5th and 7th phases, the voters of Bihar voted the least compared to all other states. Uttar Pradesh was also not behind in showing indifference in voting. This state topped in terms of the lowest voting in the second, third and sixth phases of voting. There was also less voting in Maharashtra.

Jammu and Kashmir made a record
Voting in Jammu and Kashmir seats was also less as compared to some other states. But, voting in three seats of this union territory made a record. Here, the highest voting took place in the last 35 years. In this respect, this state remained on top despite low voting. Regarding the overall low voting this time, the commission officials say that counting is yet to be done. On the day of counting, postal ballot votes are also counted. After this, the number of votes cast in each phase will increase further. After this, even if the voting this time does not reach more than 67 percent in 2019, it will not be much less than that either.

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