Give two to Kohli… Virat was standing at the boundary, then the fans started shouting loudly

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Virat Kohli came to open the match with Rohit.Virat Kohli could not contribute much to the match with the bat. The fans who came to watch Virat Kohli's match made a strange demand.

New Delhi. Former Indian team captain Virat Kohli may have failed to show wonders with the bat during the match against Ireland, but despite this he is in the news. In the T20 World Cup 2024 match, Virat was able to score just one run against Ireland. At present, a video is becoming quite viral on social media, in which fans put a big demand about Virat Kohli in front of captain Rohit Sharma. Fans who reached the stadium to watch the match started shouting to give bowling to Kohli.

When Indian fans were chanting slogans asking Kohli to bowl, Virat was standing near the boundary. However, Virat did not react to this demand of the fans. Virat Kohli has bowled in T20 for India on several occasions. Virat has tried his hand at bowling as an amateur. Virat Kohli has bowled 13 times in 118 T20 international matches played so far. During this, he has also taken four wickets. Virat also bowled in 50 innings of 292 ODIs. During this, he took five wickets for 680 runs. Virat Kohli bowls right-arm medium fast.

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