This time it is not Modi 3.0 but Modi 1/3 government… Jairam Ramesh asked 4 questions to BJP

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Even though the Congress party has withdrawn from forming the government for now, the attacks on PM Modi and his government have intensified. Party leader Jairam Ramesh has tweeted that it is being claimed that now Modi 3.0 government will be formed, but the reality is that this time Modi Modi 1/3 government is being formed. Along with this, the party has also asked some questions to the Prime Minister.

PM Modi surrounded by these questions
In a video message, Jairam Ramesh has cornered the PM with these questions related to the states of NDA alliance partners Telugu Desam and JDU. He asked the PM that on 30 April 2014, in the holy city of Tirupati, you had promised to give special status to Andhra Pradesh. Will that promise be fulfilled now? Along with this, he said on the privatization of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant that will the privatization of steel plants stop now? Regarding Bihar, Congress has asked the PM whether by giving special state status to Bihar, PM Modi will fulfill his 2014 election promise and the ten-year-old demand of his ally Nitish Kumar?

The issue of caste census was also raised
In the second question about the state, Ramesh has asked PM Modi whether he promises to conduct caste census across the country like Bihar? Let us tell you that in the meeting of the Bharat Alliance led by the Congress Party, it was decided that the Bharat Block will take the right decision at the right time regarding the formation of the government. All the parties of the Bharat Alliance were present in the meeting held at the house of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday. In the two-hour meeting, Kharge attacked PM Modi and said that the mandate received in the Lok Sabha elections is against the Modi government, this mandate is about saving the Constitution and the constituent parties of Bharat will continue to oppose the fascist rule of the Modi government.

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