Eyes can become dry not only due to screen but also due to these 5 reasons, know the treatment from the doctor.

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Due to excessive screen viewing, there may be a problem of dryness in the eyes.
To get rid of the problem of dryness in the eyes, tear drops should be put.

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Tips To Get Rid of Dry Eyes: In today's time, most of the people are spending hours on smartphones and laptops. It is having a bad effect on the eyes. Too much screen time can weaken eyesight and also cause dry eyes. Crores of people around the world are suffering from the problem of dry eyes. When our eyes are not able to produce enough tears, then dryness in the eyes starts increasing. Many times tears are produced in the eyes, but they dry up quickly, due to which dryness occurs in the eyes. Today we will know from the doctor what is the main cause of eye dryness and how we can get rid of this problem.

Dr. Tushar Grover, Medical Director of Vision Eye Center, Sirifort, New Delhi told PressNews24. People start facing a lot of problems due to dryness in the eyes. They are not able to focus on things properly and they feel as if some foreign object has fallen into the eye. Many times vision also starts getting blurred due to dryness. The problem of dry eyes is increasing rapidly in people of all ages. The main cause of dry eyes is considered to be excessive screening time, but apart from this, many other factors can also be responsible for it.

Doctor Tushar says that apart from watching excessive screens, using contact lenses also leads to dry eyes. Apart from this, this problem can occur due to fluctuations in hormones. Dry eye problem can also occur due to many physical diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from this, dryness in the eyes can occur due to Sjögren's syndrome. If you are facing this problem in your eyes, then you should consult an eye doctor and get it checked. The level of dryness of eyes can be checked through many tests. People are treated on this basis.

According to experts, people who have mild problem of dry eyes are advised to use artificial tear drops. In mild conditions, people should use the drops 3-4 times a day. However, if the dryness of the eyes is severe, it is suggested to apply eye drops every hour. Many patients are recommended artificial tear gel instead of drops. Apart from this, people are also given drops to reduce eye inflammation. If someone has the problem of dry eyes, then he should consult an eye specialist and get checked and use the drops given by him.

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