Has constipation made life difficult? So do this asana from today itself; You will get immediate relief

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Has constipation made life difficult?  So do this asana from today itself;  You will get immediate relief

Om Prakash Niranjan / Koderma. People suffer from the problem of indigestion due to wrong eating habits during weddings and festivals. Due to the problem of indigestion, a person has to face an uncomfortable situation. Burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach, feeling of restlessness, feeling full quickly while eating and feeling full for a long time after eating are considered to be the main symptoms of indigestion.

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In a special conversation with PressNews24, World Yogasana instructor Mithlesh Ram Gupta, resident of Vidyapuri, has given some home remedies for relief from the problem of indigestion and its prevention. By practicing which people will get relief from the problem of indigestion in a few minutes. He told that nowadays people consume many such foods at the same time in parties which are harmful for the body.

Avoid eating sweet and salty food together
He said that one should always consume only one type of food while eating, if you are eating sweet food then do not eat salty food with it and if you are eating food made from curd then do not consume milk after that. Even after salty food, one should avoid consuming milk and sweets made from milk.

Practicing Kunjal Kriya will provide immediate relief
He told that Kunjal Kriya practice has been given great importance in Yoga for the home remedy for indigestion, the problem arising from irregular eating habits. In case of indigestion, first add rock salt to lukewarm water and consume three to four glasses of water. After this, go to an open place or near the basin, spread both the legs, bend the body slightly forward and insert the middle finger of the right hand inside the tongue. By doing this all the water will come out and the stomach will be cleaned. This will provide relief from the problem of indigestion.

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