This share of Rs 900 will go up to Rs 1300, market expert's advice – buy it, that's it…

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LIC shares are currently around Rs 900.
It is expected to go up to Rs 1300.
An increase of about 45 percent is expected from this level.

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New Delhi. If you are thinking of investing money in the market, then stock market analyst Manas Jaiswal has advised to bet on the country's largest life insurance company. He says that LIC shares are expected to rise in the long term. He has said that if a person remains invested in this share then this share can go up to Rs 1300. In this sense, compared to the current price, this is a return of around 45 percent.

However, he also says that nothing can be said yet about what will be the lower level of this stock. Jaiswal also says that investors should exit at 200 day DMA. DMA means day moving average. 200 DMA means 200 day daily moving average. With this, traders find out in the long term what will be the average closing price of the share after 200 days. 200-day DMA of LIC share is Rs 790. This means that if the stock goes below Rs 790 then investors should exit.

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had reached Rs 1175
LIC shares had reached a 52-week high of ₹ 1,175 per share on February 9 last month. However, now it has fallen to near Rs 904. On brokerage app Grow, 69 percent experts are advising to buy this stock. The 52 weeks low of this share is Rs 530.

financial position of the company
According to a news published on CNBC, the shares are expected to rise due to improvement in the financial condition of this company. The company's income in the December 23 quarter was Rs 2.14 lakh crore. Whereas in the September quarter it was Rs 2.03 lakh crore. Talking about profit, the profit in September quarter was Rs 8030 crore which increased to Rs 9469 crore in December quarter.

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