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The playoff rule in IPL was first implemented in 2011. There is a lot of difference between the rules of the playoffs and the semi-finals Playoffs first started in football

New Delhi. The 17th season of IPL is just a few matches away from reaching its end. So far this season, in 65 matches, only 2 teams have been able to secure their place in the playoffs. 4 teams will reach the playoffs. Through these the journey to the final and the title will be decided. IPL was started in the year 2008. After that this league became famous all over the world. This league made a lot of headlines because of its rules and different format. Last year i.e. in 2023, a new rule, the Impact Player rule, came into effect. Earlier, there were many such rules like Orange Cap, Purple Cap, Strategic Timeout, No Ball decision given by the third umpire etc. which were much discussed.

There was a big change in this tournament in the fourth season of IPL 20211. Playoff rules (IPL playoff rules) were implemented in place of semi-finals. The tournament's popularity further increased with the introduction of playoff rules. Since then, playoff matches are played in IPL after the league round. The top four teams in the group stage qualify for the playoffs. Matches in the playoffs are played in three phases. Qualifier 1 is played between the number one and number two teams in the group stage. The winning team of this match directly enters the final while an eliminator match is played between the third and fourth placed teams. Its winning team faces the losing team of Qualifier 1 in Qualifier 2. After this, the winning team here plays the final with the winner of Qualifier 1.

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What is the difference between playoffs and semi-finals?
In the semi-finals, the first-placed team faces the fourth-placed team while the second-placed team faces the third-placed team. The winning teams of both semi-finals qualify for the final. That means two matches will be played before the final.

Why did playoff rule come into IPL?
The playoff rule was introduced in IPL because after the end of the group stage, both the teams on top got a lot of benefits. Both these teams played in Qualifier 1. The team that wins the match gets a direct ticket to the final, while the losing team gets another chance to reach the final. This rule was first implemented in football.

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