The problem of taking exams and NTA is failing, when will this problem of exams be solved?

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) aims to improve the education system by providing equal opportunities to students to gain admission into universities across the country. However, this new arrangement created many problems and confusion for students and their families on the very first day. Many students faced a lot of confusion on the first day of CUET examination conducted for undergraduate courses.

Students kept wandering at the examination center

Many students reported difficulties in reaching the examination centre. Some students had to change the location of their center at the last moment, due to which they faced difficulty in reaching the new place. Actually, NTA had announced on Tuesday that the examination of May 15 in Delhi has been postponed. He had said that admit cards will be issued afresh for the examination to be held from May 16 to 18. However, till late night, students continued to face difficulty in downloading the admit card on the NTA website. The examination centers of many students were changed in the new admit card.

Impact of so much trouble on performance

Such problems have a very negative impact on students. Many students are already stressed about the exams, hence the confusion at the last moment makes them more stressed. Imagine, how well will a student be able to perform in exams after going through so much stress? NTA should take concrete steps to solve these problems as soon as possible. NTA needs to further improve its system of conducting examinations. Apart from this, NTA will also have to provide adequate information and support to the students before the examination.

NTA should learn a lesson soon

CUET exam is an important step towards promoting the new education system, but looking at the problems on its first day, it is clear that it still needs improvement. The administration will have to work promptly to resolve the problems and confusion of the students. Only then will we be able to take full advantage of this new system and provide equal and fair opportunities to the students.

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