Election Commission reprimanded Congress on Agniveer issue, also gave strict instructions to BJP

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New Delhi: Amidst the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has reprimanded BJP national president JP Nadda and Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge. The Election Commission has directed both the parties to issue notices to their star campaigners asking them to make appropriate speeches and statements, exercise caution and maintain decorum. The commission said both party chiefs should ensure that the party's star campaigners strictly follow the model code of conduct during their election campaign. The Election Commission has written separate letters to Nadda and Kharge expressing concern that the statements of the respective star campaigners follow the pattern and deliver speeches that are contrary to the rules of the code of conduct.

What instructions were given to BJP?
This order of the Election Commission has been given to BJP and Congress in view of the declining quality of campaigning under the leadership of their star campaigners. The Election Commission has strongly reprimanded both BJP and Congress for campaigning on the basis of caste, community, language and religion. The Election Commission has directed star campaigners of both the parties to stay away from religious and communal colors in their campaign. The Election Commission has also asked BJP not to give such election speeches which create division in the society.

Congress reprimanded regarding Agniveer scheme
The Election Commission has directed the Congress to ensure that star campaigners do not make statements that give a wrong impression as if the Constitution of India can be abolished or sold. Furthermore, while speaking on the Agniveer scheme, the Election Commission has asked Congress campaigners or candidates not to politicize the defense forces and not make potentially divisive statements about the socio-economic composition of the defense forces.

'BJP-Congress cannot weaken the electoral legacy'
The Commission has said that the socio-cultural environment of India is a permanent preserve and cannot be affected because of elections. The Election Commission has also said that BJP and Congress will not be allowed to undermine the legacy of quality electoral experience of Indian voters. The Election Commission has rejected all the allegations made by BJP and Congress against each other and rejected their defence. The Commission has said that at the time of elections, the ruling party should get additional responsibility and there should not be unlimited additional space for the opposition.

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