Zeenat Aman said a big thing for Dimple Kapadia, is it really a woman who is the enemy of a woman?

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There is a very famous saying that 'woman is the enemy of woman'. It is often seen that when something goes wrong with a woman or she is in trouble, other women instead of supporting her start finding faults in her. Then such things are repeated in the family or society. But veteran actress Zeenat Aman has proved this notion wrong.

Bold and beautiful actress of the 80s, Zeenat Aman, still speaks openly about everything. She keeps saying or writing something for the stars of her time. Recently, famous actress Zeenat has shared a post for Dimple Kapadia. Along with which an unseen picture also surfaced. In this post, Zeenat not only praised Dimple but also told how a woman supports another woman in difficult times. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman,@dimplekapadia_dk)

When Zeenat remembered old things

Actress Zeenat Aman, in her recent post, has recalled the days when Dimple Kapadia stood by her in difficult times. Zeenat has shared a photo on her Instagram account. Which is based on the film 'Chhaila Babu' released in 1977. In the picture, Zeenat is sitting with the film's director Joy Mukherjee and Dimple. At that time, Dimple supported Zeenat without caring about the criticism in her personal life. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

What was written in the post…

While sharing this post, Zeenat praised Dimple Kapadia in the caption and wrote that 'This post is not about Dimple's talent, although she has many qualities, it is about her character which I have seen. She told that during a very difficult time in my life, Dimple was one of the few people who stood by me publicly. In that difficult time, she told me about a strength of my character which I still admire. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@thezeenataman)

Change perception…support each other

Change perception...support each other

Like Zeenat Aman, other women also need to change this misconception of the society. For this it is important to support women. If you are a boss or leading a team, give equal opportunity to the women working in your team to give ideas. Whenever they face any problem, help them along with boosting their confidence. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

boost morale by praising

boost morale by praising

You can support your female coworkers by celebrating the completion of a project, your classmate's good grades, or the success of a woman in your life. By doing this you will also feel good and women will also get courage to move forward. (Photo courtesy: pexels)

open doors for women

open doors for women

It is often seen that women are not allowed to work outside. In such a situation, if you work, then try to explain to people how important it is for a woman to be capable. Focus on opening new doors for other women as well. For this, the beginning will have to be made from home itself when the daughter-in-law will also get the freedom to work like the daughter. In such a situation, women will have to stand up to take each other forward.

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