Don't eat this healthy looking thing, your thick skin will become as thin as paper, you can pull it off with your hand

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The skin of obese people appears quite thick. There is a layer of fat underneath it which needs to be removed. To lose weight, along with exercise, eating habits also need to be changed. For this, help of an expert should be taken. Because some healthy looking foods actually increase fat.

According to nutritionists, eating the wrong kind of salad is one of the common mistakes in weight loss. Most people make this mistake while losing weight. This salad gives more calories, which does not help in reducing fat. Nutritionist Simran Chopra He has also told the way to avoid this mistake.

This Salad Doesn't Help You Lose Weight

This salad does not let you lose weight

Salad is a very healthy food. But if you are eating fancy salads in restaurants or hotels, then it is your mistake. This will not reduce your weight and your skin will remain thick. Instead, you should eat a simple salad of green fresh vegetables made at home.

When should you eat salad?

flood of calories

Fancy salads may contain nuts, nachos, mayo and oil dressings, which can give around 700 calories. Controlling calories is important for weight loss. Often people eat pasta, pizza to control their cravings, which actually gives more calories.

How to reduce calories in pasta?

How to reduce calories in pasta?
  1. Order tomato-based pasta instead of cream sauce
  2. Ask them to use less oil and butter
  3. Ask to include vegetables
  4. Ensure Protein
  5. Do not eat the garlic bread that comes with it

How to make pizza healthier?

How to make pizza healthier?
  1. Eat thin crust pizza
  2. Ask to include more vegetables and protein
  3. Don't eat anything with extra cheese
  4. Don't eat high-calorie pizzas like bacon pepperoni
  5. One slice can have 250 calories so eat only a few
  6. Avoid consuming oily food

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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