Faisal Malik said- Obscenity and abuses in the name of OTT should be banned

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Actor Faizal Malik, who has travelled from 'Gangs of Wasseypur' inspector to 'Prahlad Cha' of 'Panchayat' series, needs no introduction today. Faizal, who has a heavy body, is a school of acting. Actor Faizal, who has become everyone's favourite with his style and acting in the 'Panchayat' series, recently came to Lucknow to participate in a program. During this, we had a special conversation with him, in which he openly shared his views on acting, production, changing form of cinema etc.

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A lot changed after the series

When I was not doing anything, I was creating content. I also have a production house. After Gangs of Wasseypur, my focus was more on production. I used to act occasionally, but after the Panchayat series, there was a lot of change. I knew acting before, but never did it, but after playing the character of 'Prahlad Cha' in this series, I started taking acting seriously. Changes keep happening. Especially, when the audience, fans start asking you to act, how can you refuse.

I like cinema very much

I made the series 'Smoke'. Apart from this, I have also worked for MTV and Discovery. It is very important to love cinema. If you love cinema, you can do anything. In the end, if you see, I am working in the field that I love. We have been involved in this all our lives and we have worked twice as hard as we are working now. I always say that it is very important to love cinema to do cinema.

The language barrier is gone

Change is the rule. We have moved from Doordarshan to OTT. Now the language barrier has been broken because with the advent of OTT, the audience has more options. I think our audience is intelligent, they are watching content from all over the world, no matter in which language it is. If they do not understand the language, they are watching with subtitles but they are definitely watching. In such a situation, their options have increased. Now if we do not create content according to them, they will reject it. The audience wants to see such content, that is why we are making it. Now only good content is being watched. Then it may be from any corner of the world. Technology has a huge contribution in this because it has given content from all over the world to your phone or laptop. If you do not give the best, the audience will reject it.

Every artist has work

After the advent of OTT, many stories have started coming. You have stories from all over the world. Even the story of every city has been made. Talking about writing, the content was good even earlier but now a lot has changed. After the advent of series or OTT, many opportunities are being found. Writers have started telling their stories in a bold and frank manner. Artists are getting to play different types of characters. Along with this, the audience is also getting to see great content.

Acting requires patience

I believe that acting is a field where your patience is tested. If you don't have patience then it is not for you. This art demands love and time from you. If you cannot give both of these to it then there is nothing in it for you.

Unnecessary abuse must be prevented

There is often a debate about abusive language in films and series but I believe that abusive language is a part of our life. In society, when someone abuses, we do not stop him but when someone abuses in films, we argue that it is wrong. A character abuses another character because it is his demand. Yes, abusive language without any reason should be banned but there are more disgusting things available on the internet than abuses. Like porn is being sold in the name of series on OTT, first of all it should be stopped.

Lucknow is being shown to the world

Compared to earlier, a lot of shooting is happening here now. The stories of this city are coming on the big screen. It has a temperament, it has its own style and that style is now being brought to the world through the big screen. If I get a story from here, I would definitely like to do it. As far as I am concerned, I came to Lucknow to study but fell in love with this city. Many friends and family members live here. This city made me a human being, taught me friendship. Taught me manners and respect.

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