Daughter-in-law gave the idea to mother-in-law, now both of them are doing this business together, earning per month.

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Neeraj Kumar/Begusarai. Along with farming, fish farming has also been started on a large scale in Bihar. In this, the profit is also getting better than the cost. It can be said that people of Bihar have also started doing fish farming commercially. To increase inclination towards fish farming, training is also being imparted from time to time by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra located in the district. Neha from Matihani in Begusarai district, who was a part of this training, is now doing fish farming with her mother-in-law.

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Neha tells that when she was studying intermediate, she had to learn about fish farming and its benefits. But then she could not do anything in this direction. After some time, she got married and started living in her in-laws' house. After coming here she told her mother-in-law Kishori Devi about it. After hearing the plan, he decided to support his daughter-in-law. Now they together have been rearing fish in a pond of one acre for the last 4 years. He told that a total of 6 thousand pieces of fish are put in the pond and the motor maintains the water level in the pond. On this the electricity bill is up to Rs 400 every month. Neha tells that their lives have changed because of fish farming. She rears fishes of Rehu and Glass Cup species. Its demand is also high in the market.

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Prepares fish feed at home
According to Neha, she does not buy fish feed from outside. Rather gives them traditional feed. She told that she prepares fish fodder at home by puffing mustard cake, banana leaves, wheat and maize bran. According to Nisha, every second day she takes out more than 15 kg of fish from the pond and sells it in the market. Fish traders of Begusarai say that the rate of Glass Cup and Rehu fish in the district is Rs 250 to Rs 300 per kg. In this way, both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together earn Rs 50 thousand every month and more than Rs 6 lakh annually.

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