Uber driver cheats passenger with this trick, takes double the fare

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Double fare charged by showing fake screenshot.
Received very little refund from Uber.
Pay Uber with caution.

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New Delhi. Many people adopt various tactics to cheat people. Some Uber cab drivers are also now defrauding customers with the help of spoof apps. They show wrong payment screens to customers with the help of spoof apps and charge them higher fares. A person who was a victim of such fraud has told about this fraud on social media. After the post went viral on Reddit, now many people are also telling about this kind of fraud that happened to them and are appealing to the people to be careful.

This Delhi-based Reddit user has also shared the screenshot (Fake Payment) in which double the fare was charged. The person who was a victim of fraud had booked a cab from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport to his home. On March 24, he came to pick up his father from the airport at 10:30 pm. The cab was booked through Uber App at a fare of Rs 340.

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When I reached home the fare was double.
Moneycontrol According to a report, when the father and son reached home, the cab driver asked them for Rs 648. This was double the price at which the cab was booked. When the driver was asked to show the screen to confirm the fare, a fare of Rs 648 was also being shown on the driver's phone screen. The Uber driver told that the fare increased due to waiting. He became suspicious of the Uber driver but being in a hurry, he did not argue and paid the fare. He also took a photo of the payment shown on the screen.

The photo opened the poll
When he went home and looked at the photo carefully, he realized that he had been cheated. The name in the photo was spelled wrong. Also, two icons of Uber app were visible on the screen. When Uber customer care was called, the driver said that he received only Rs 127.48.

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many people are complaining
After this post of Uber fraud on Reddit, many people are now claiming that a similar fraud has happened to them. Some people are even asking to be careful while taking Uber service. The passenger should pay only the amount shown on the Uber app. The fare shown on the driver's phone screen should not be trusted. Because many drivers use spoof apps to charge more money.

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