If you want to keep yourself fit in the summer, then follow the doctor's tips; Will be full of energy throughout the day

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If you want to keep yourself fit in the summer, then follow the doctor's tips;  Will be full of energy throughout the day

Rishabh Chaurasia/Lucknow: India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the country may face severe heat in the coming days. According to IMD, the maximum temperature across the country is likely to be above normal during March and May. As soon as the temperature starts increasing, our body will also start feeling tired. There can be many reasons behind this such as high temperature, humidity and lack of water in the body. However, by adopting the suggestions given by experts, you can feel refreshed in the scorching heat.

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Professor Makhanlal, Principal and Dean of Lucknow Government Ayurvedic College, who has been working in the Ayurvedic Institute for the last 20 years. He has given some essential tips to stay fresh and energetic in summer. According to Prof. Makhanlal, the best way to keep yourself hydrated in summer is to consume plenty of water. Apart from this, consuming liquids like fruit juice, whey, milk, mango panah and bel sharbat is also beneficial. Besides this the body also gets energy.

Do not leave home on an empty stomach
Professor Makhanlal explains that as the heat increases. Our body starts sweating more, due to which we feel tired. In such a situation, you should eat something before leaving the house in the morning. Leaving home on an empty stomach increases the risk of exposure to sunlight and heatstroke and also affects health.

Do exercise and yoga
Apart from this, do exercise and yoga after waking up in the morning. In summer, one may feel tired due to magnesium deficiency. If you constantly feel lethargic and lazy in summers, then include green vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains etc. in your diet. Include at least two magnesium-rich foods in your diet every day.

Consume Vitamin C rich foods in your diet
Consume Vitamin C rich foods in your diet in summer. Include sour fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime etc. in your diet. The fiber found in fruits strengthens the digestive system. Consuming Vitamin C rich foods in summer reduces fatigue and lethargy in the body.

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