Cricketer Inzamam's Hindu aunt, whom he came to Hisar to meet and then went to Pakistan

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Before partition, Inzamam's father and his family lived in a village in Hisar.When Inzamam came to India, he got a phone number for which his family had been waiting for years.The father immediately called this number and after years of separation, the relationship was reconnected.

For former Pakistani cricketer and coach Inzamam Ul Haq, the family of a village in Hisar is very special. His father went to Pakistan after partition but never forgot that family of Hisar. Then Inzamam met a Hindu aunty. So that their relationship can be reconnected.

Inzamam ul Haq and his family are still thankful to the family who not only saved the lives of his entire family during Partition but also helped them cross the border safely and reach Multan.

When Inzamam came to India a few years ago, he met a young man from Haryana, who gave him a telephone number, which belonged to his mother Pushpa Goyal. The young man asked him to give this number to his parents in Multan.

Inzamam was stunned then

At first Inzamam was surprised as to why this young man was giving him his mother's number, but when he came to know the truth, his eyes became moist and his head bowed respectfully in front of that young man.

Papa called immediately

As soon as Inzamam sent Pushpa Goyal's number to her father in Multan. Pushpa immediately got a call from her father. He still had not forgotten Pushpa, whose family had come forward as a messiah for him at a time when the borders were divided during Partition and people on both sides were thirsty for each other's blood. Then they found shelter in Pushpa Goyal's house and were safe.

specially invited to the wedding

Inzamam's father's family then lived in Hansi in Hisar district of Haryana. Later, Pushpa was specially invited to Inzamam's wedding and she was invited. Then he had said that for me, going to that wedding was as if I was attending a function of my own family. This trip to Multan will always be memorable for me.

Inzamam wanted to go to his native village Hisar

Inzamam is still known as the Great Gentleman of Multan in Pakistani cricket. When he came to Mohali with the Pakistani team, he became emotional while playing there. When he said in front of the TV that he wanted to go to Hansi, from where his family had settled in 1947, tears welled up in his eyes. Then he asked people through TV whether they remembered anything about Hansi's Pirzada Zia Ul Haq.

Pakistan board did not give permission

Inzamam also wanted to visit his village, where his father spent his childhood and where his grandfather had a big mansion, so that he could take pictures of the place and give it to his father and refresh his old memories, but Pakistan Cricket The board did not allow him to go there. Didn't give. Not only this, during that tour their captain Rameez Raja also wanted to go to his native village near Jaipur but he too was not allowed to do so.

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