As soon as this video related to Miss Universe got leaked, there was a ruckus, people got angry over cheap things like women's figure

Ananya Shroff
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Many organizations work to promote women, one of which is the Miss Universe competition. You must have read and heard about it many times that sometimes this woman won the Miss Universe crown and sometimes a girl from that state won it. But even in this event that empowers women, there is a hidden thinking that keeps women behind.

This is being said because in a leaked video of a board meeting in November last year, Miss Universe Organization co-owner Anne Jakapong Jakarjutatip had said that women from 'non-traditional backgrounds' can participate in the Miss Universe reality show but cannot win it.

What is the whole matter?

In November last year, Anne Jakapong Jakarajutatip was quoted as saying that 'trans women, married women, divorced women… it's a communication strategy, because you understand… they can compete but they can't win. It's social inclusion, as people would say.' Furthering her point, she said that women from 'non-traditional backgrounds' cannot win. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @annejkn.official)

Such a ruckus has happened before

All this happened after 'Miss USA' Noelia Voigt and 'Miss Teen USA' Umasofia Srivastava had already quit their positions. According to the report, they cited harassment and bullying as well as a harmful workplace as the reason for doing so. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @noeliavoigt, @umasofias)

The video was called fake

The video was called fake

Jakarjutatip called his video fake and said that 'This malicious, edited video was released and used to mislead other people, leading to confusion, misunderstanding and wrong conclusions. I hope the world will not like this kind of nonsense soap opera.'

She further added, 'I still don't understand why this man, with whom I used to get along very well, wants to put me and the organization in danger, while we were talking about the episode of the new reality show and not about the pageant.' (Photo courtesy: Instagram @annejkn.official)

This trans woman was the winner

This trans woman was the winner

In 2018, Miss Spain Angela Ponce became the first transgender contestant to win the title of Miss Universe Organization. After this, in 2023, Miss Guatemala Michelle Kohan and Miss Camila Avella also participated in the competition for the first time. Let us tell you that during the 72nd Miss Universe competition, Miss Nepal Jane Deepika was the first plus size contestant to appear on the Great Stage. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @angelaponceofficial)

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