A unique trip to India whose doors open once a year, register yourself so that you don't miss the opportunity

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In this busy life, the youth want to travel the whole of India in one go. To fulfill this desire, they go on new trips every day. If you are also planning to travel to a new place, then today we are going to tell you about a train journey that will take you around the whole of India in just 15 days. The name of this train journey is Jagriti Yatra.
In which about 500 youth are made to travel. This is an ambitious annual rail journey. In which the youth are made aware about successful entrepreneurs and which is inspirational for the youth. In 15 days this train travels 8000 kilometers and stops at 15 places. Let us tell you about this train. (Photo credit: jagritiyatra@instagram)

Where does it begin and where does it end

Talking about the route of this train, it starts from Delhi. The first stop of this train is Ahmedabad, then Mumbai, Bengaluru, then via Madurai in the southern corner of the country, it enters Central India from Vizag Odisha and reaches back to Delhi. During this time it stops at many pilgrimage sites and tourist places where passengers have fun according to their choice. (All photo courtesy: pexels.com)

Registration process begins

Talking about this year, this train will travel across India in November. For which the registration process has started. To travel in this train, your age should be between 21 to 27 years. This journey will run from 16 November to 1 December in the year 2024. Let us tell you that the ticket for this journey has been kept at around Rs 25. Interested passengers can register themselves by visiting https://www.jagritiyatra.com/. Let us tell you that the main objective of this journey is to make the youth aware of the enterprise. In this train, youth are selected after a multi-level selection process.

What is the selection process

What is the selection process

There is a proper selection process for the passengers in Jagriti Yatra. Through which they are selected. In this, they review the career, future prospects and entrepreneurial potential of the youth, after which they interview them, then after the interview they select the passengers. In this journey, 35 percent of the seats have been given to women, and 9 foreign passengers can also enjoy it.

Adequate arrangements for the care of passengers

Adequate arrangements for the care of passengers

In order to create mutual relations or acquaintances among people in the train, groups of seven passengers and clusters of 21 passengers are formed. One third of the seats in each cluster are reserved for women. Along with this, the travel management also appoints facilitators to take care of the passengers. They keep an eye on the activities of all the passengers.

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