You won't even think of going abroad… When you see 'Mini Thailand' in India, you will enjoy paradise in a low budget!

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Mini Thailand In India: Switzerland, London, Bangkok, Singapore, Thailand Very popular place among Indian tourists. People definitely visit this place during holidays. But what is the point if instead of going abroad we can enjoy foreign nature in our own India? But it is true… there is a place in India which is no less than Thailand. Many times people are not able to go to Thailand due to budget. We are going to tell you about a place in India which is no less beautiful than Thailand. This place is also known as 'Mini Thailand'. Let us know about this place…

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Go and see 'Mini Thailand'…
Thailand has everything from food to adventure and beautiful places. This is the reason why a large number of people go to Thailand. Thailand is a favorite destination for honeymooners. However, if you want to go to Thailand and the budget does not allow it, then there is a beautiful place in India that will make you forget Thailand. This place is known as 'Mini Thailand'. Everyone would generally know about the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The mountains and greenery here are enchanting. If you want to spend good time amidst nature then you can come to Himachal Pradesh. There are many holiday destinations in Himachal and Jibhi is one of them.

You will be mesmerized by the sight of 'Mini Thailand'
Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh is a place reminiscent of the islands of Thailand. Here the river flows between two huge rocks, seeing which you will feel as if you are in the whole of Thailand. These two big rocks or stones are the center of attraction here.

What a beautiful waterfall to look at!
There is also a beautiful waterfall in Jibhi. Which very few people have seen. This waterfall is situated in the middle of a dense forest. The sound of falling water here is no less than melodious music. If you want to experience nature closely then you can come here once, the beautiful views of 'Mini Thailand' are enough to win your heart.

Plan a trip with family, spouse or friends
Jibhi is also famous for dense deodar trees, deodar lakes and ancient temples, here you can come with family, partner, friends or even plan a solo trip. To reach Jibhi, facilities ranging from trains to airplanes and private taxis are available.

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