You will not find more beautiful names for girls in Muslim religion.

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Those who are looking for names in Muslim or Arabic language for their daughter will definitely like the names mentioned here. This article lists some beautiful names for girls that belong to the Arabic language. Along with these names, their meaning has also been explained. This will make it easier for you to choose the name of your choice.

All the names mentioned in this list of girls' names are very popular among the people of Muslim religion. So without any delay, let's know about some beautiful names of girls.

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Adila and Amal

If you want names starting with the letter A, then you can consider the names Adila and Amal. The meaning of the name Adila is fair, honest and just. Talking about the name Amal, this name is also used for boys. This name also means hope and aspiration.

Aziza and in the bus

The name Aziza is not only beautiful but its meaning is also very powerful. Aziza means powerful, respected and beloved. It is one of the 99 names of the Islamic god Allah. Basma is a Muslim name that means “smile” in Arabic. You can choose any of these two names for your daughter.

Halima and Munira

Halima and Munira

The name Halima is very much liked in Muslim religion. Halima is the name of the foster mother of Prophet Muhammad and means patient, tolerant and gentle. Munira is a beautiful Muslim girls name which means bright, shining. You can choose any of these two names for your baby girl.

Narmin and Shaima

Narmin and Shaima

The name Narmin is derived from the Persian word Narm. It is a unique name and you will definitely like this name for your daughter. The meaning of this name is gentle and soft. This unisex name is usually masculine in Bosnian and feminine in Turkish and Arabic. Shaima was the daughter of Halima. This name has a very cute meaning of “marks of beauty.”



This name means bright and shining. Zahira is also a very lovely name and you will definitely like this name for your daughter. The names Fadia and Fadila are also in this list. The meaning of the name Fadiya and Fadila is generous. You can choose any one of these three names for your baby girl.

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