Stop election speeches that divide society…ECI's advice to BJP and Congress amid Lok Sabha elections.

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi: The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday advised the ruling party BJP and the opposition Congress at the Center to avoid campaigning on the basis of caste, community, language and religion. The Commission said that the social and cultural fabric of India cannot be allowed to be harmed during the elections. Both these parties had complained to the Commission against each other for giving objectionable and divisive speeches during the elections. While Congress had described Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech as divisive, BJP had demanded action against Rahul's speech.

Election Commission sought clarification from both

The Commission sought clarification from JP Nadda (BJP) and Mallikarjun Kharge (Congress) on the appointment of the heads of both the parties. Now the Commission has not considered the answer received from them to be defensible. The Commission has asked BJP President Nadda and his party's star campaigners not to campaign on religious and communal basis and stop giving election speeches that divide the society. Also, Congress has been asked not to politicize the issue of the armed forces. Congress, its star campaigners and candidates should not make such statements which create a false impression that the Constitution can be abolished. The Commission asked the presidents of both the national parties to issue formal advice to the star campaigners so that they can be cautious and maintain decorum in their communication. The Commission also said that the valuable legacy of Indian elections and our electoral democracy cannot be allowed to be weakened by anyone.

Election Commission also talked about the ongoing politics on the Constitution

The EC also asked the Congress to ensure that its star campaigners and candidates do not make statements that create a false impression that the Constitution can be repealed. The EC asked the presidents of both the national parties to ensure that their star campaigners issue formal advisories to the CPI(M) to correct their communications, exercise caution and maintain decorum. The commission told both Nadda and Kharge that elections are a process where political parties not only contest to win but also get an opportunity to present themselves as role models before voters.

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