Will the IND-PAK match be cancelled due to rain? What will the weather be like?

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Rain casts a shadow on India-Pakistan match Indian team will face Pakistan on Sunday

New Delhi. The cricket teams of India and Pakistan will face each other in New York on Sunday. This match of T20 World Cup 2024 will be played at 8:00 pm Indian time. The weather may affect this match. Team India has made a great start to the tournament by defeating Ireland in their first match, while Pakistan had to face an upset in the first match. Team India would like to strengthen their claim for the Super 8 by registering their second consecutive win by defeating Pakistan, while Pakistan will try to stay in the race for the Super Eight by registering a win. According to the weather information website AccuWeather.com, there is a possibility of rain on the day of the match.

The Indian team led by Rohit Sharma will take on Babar Azam-led Pakistan (IND vs PAK) in their second match of the T20 World Cup at the Nassau County Stadium. According to local time, this match will start at 10:30 am. When the match starts in New York, it will be 8 pm in India. According to AccuWeather, there is a 51 percent chance of rain at 11 am New York time. That is, rain half an hour after the start of the match can disrupt the match. Apart from this, rain is also expected early in the morning on the day of the match.

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Threat of rain on India vs Pakistan match.

What happens if India vs Pakistan match is cancelled due to rain?
If the match between India and Pakistan is cancelled due to rain, then both teams will be given one point each. There is no provision of reserve day for league stage matches. ICC has kept reserve day for semi-finals and finals. Both the teams would not like to see this match getting cancelled. Because this match is important for both the teams. Indian team will strengthen its claim for Super 8 by winning this match, whereas Pakistan team will almost be out of the race for Super 8 by losing this match.

Do or die battle for Pakistan
The match against India has become a do or die situation for Babar Azam and company. After losing to hosts America, the road ahead looks difficult for Pakistan. America is at the top of this group with 4 points after registering two consecutive wins, while India is in second place with 2 points. Pakistan's account is not yet open. Pakistan will have a chance to reach the Super 8 only after defeating the Indian team. If this match is canceled due to rain, then Pakistan will be able to earn only 5 points by defeating Canada and Ireland. The Indian team will then reach the Super 8 by defeating Canada and America.

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