Why is NDA returning to power for the third time, election pundits told the reason… listen

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : The exit poll results after the Lok Sabha elections show that the NDA is returning to power once again. Almost all exit polls have predicted that the BJP-led NDA will get 350 to 400 seats. If the results of June 4 are on the lines of the exit poll results, then along with the NDA, PM Modi will also be successful in scoring a hat-trick in power. Now the question is what is the reason behind this success of the NDA. Political analysts often keep mentioning the policies of the Modi government. At the same time, what do election pundits or exit poll analysts think about the success of the NDA. Let's try to know about this.

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The reason for this is the popularity of Prime Minister Modi

Regarding the NDA's return to power in the Lok Sabha election exit polls, CVoter founder Yashwant Deshmukh says that the NDA is winning mainly because PM Modi is popular. Apart from this, wherever they are winning, there is a huge difference in vote share in different states. Deshmukh said that a good contest is being seen in West Bengal and Maharashtra. There is a contest for one seat each in these two states. Apart from these states, almost all the states are looking one-sided in favor of BJP and NDA. Deshmukh also reacted to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling the exit polls 'Modi Fantasy Poll'. He said that politicians are free to say anything. They can say that these are PM Modi's fantasy polls, but when our exit polls were showing that the Congress is winning in Karnataka or Telangana or other Indian alliance partners in West Bengal, Delhi, Punjab, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, whenever we were saying that they are leading and they are winning, were we Rahul Gandhi's or Arvind Kejriwal's or Mamata Banerjee's or Stalin's fantasy polls?

The people of the country are giving mandate to Modi

Pradeep Bhandari, founder of another exit poll agency Jan Ki Baat, said that we have talked to people on the ground. On the basis of data survey and conversation, it is coming out that the people of the country want to give mandate to Narendra Modi for the third time. He said that on the basis of our ground analysis, the people of the country are giving a big mandate to Narendra Modi. On the statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that 'this is not an exit poll, it is a Modi media poll. This is their imaginary poll. On this, Bhandari said that perhaps Rahul Gandhi is suffering from selective memory loss due to political compulsions. He said that when the exit polls of Telangana assembly elections came, the proposed leader of the CM post at that time came on TV channels and gave interviews that the party is excited to see these exit polls. At that time all the exit polls had said that Congress would form the government in Telangana. Sadly, when the exit polls are not in your favor – it is an insult to thousands of professionals who work hard on the ground in this scorching heat.

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Who got how many seats in C Voter's survey

According to the exit poll of C Voter, NDA is going to come to power for the third time. NDA can get 353-383 seats. According to the exit poll, NDA can register a bigger victory than the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. At the same time, Bharat Gathbandhan is estimated to get 152-182 seats and others 0-4 seats. Talking about vote share, NDA can get 45 percent, Bharat Gathbandhan 40 percent and others 15 percent vote share.

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