Why is a candidate's nomination rejected before contesting elections? Know the reason behind this

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New Delhi: Lok Sabha elections are going on in the country. Four phases of elections have been held. There are still three stages left. During this period, nomination papers of many candidates have been rejected. During elections, questions would arise in the minds of people that what are the reasons due to which nomination papers of a candidate can be cancelled. Election officials said that the nomination papers of any candidate contesting the elections cannot be canceled without their knowledge.The form will not be rejected without candidate's information
An official said that whenever a candidate files his nomination papers before the Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer for the Lok Sabha or Assembly elections, the same is scrutinized at the same time. If the officials find any deficiency then a check list is given to the candidate there itself. In this, information has been given about all the shortcomings in his nomination paper.

For example, while filing the nomination papers, if the candidate did not take the oath, did not deposit the security deposit, did not leave any column blank, did not sign each page of the nomination paper, did not give proposers as per the rules. Did not disclose information about his criminal record, assets etc. If other similar information including description, jewellery, weapons and education is not given in the affidavit, these deficiencies are pointed out. In the checklist, the candidate is told how many days he has to complete whatever deficiencies are left in the nomination form.

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Nomination canceled if deficiencies are not fulfilled
If the candidate completes the deficiencies in his nomination form within the stipulated time, his nomination form does not get cancelled. If even after being given the checklist, the candidate does not fulfill those deficiencies in time, then his nomination paper is canceled during the scrutiny of nomination papers. After being given the checklist, the candidate is not reminded to complete the deficiencies by phone or in any other way. It is the responsibility of the candidate to complete the deficiencies left in his nomination form within the stipulated time.

These things are needed to contest elections
Under the Representation of the People Act-1951, any person who is a citizen of India, whose name is in the voter list and has attained the prescribed age for contesting elections, can contest elections. As soon as the election notification is issued, the process of filing nomination papers has started. Candidates contesting elections from political parties like national and regional require a proposer. An independent candidate needs 10 proposers. To contest Lok Sabha elections, a security deposit of Rs 25 thousand has to be deposited and SC-ST category candidates have to deposit Rs 12.5 thousand. If a person has been sentenced to at least two years in any case then he cannot contest elections. Elections can be contested from maximum two seats.

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