Why did the rift arise between Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani? The actress called the YouTuber arrogant, their friendship broke

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Mumbai. Elvish Yadav is surrounded in controversies due to various reasons ranging from snake poison case to assault. In such a situation, some people are keeping distance from him. Recently news came that Manisha Rani has unfollowed him, after which Elvish also unfollowed her. After which discussion started regarding both of them. Many people are criticizing Manisha for abandoning her friend who was in trouble, while others are trying to find out the real reason for this. Manisha told through her vlog why she followed Elvish?

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A very good bonding was seen between Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani in 'Bigg Boss OTT 2'. After exiting the show, both worked together on many projects. Both were also making reels together on social media. But the small matter of follow-unfollow escalated so much that Elvish called Manisha's action childish, after which Manisha herself came and told the whole story.

Akshay Kumar's photo became the reason

Manisha Rani told in the vlog that Elvish Yadav's friend Kataria had brought a project offer to her team. Both of them worked together in this. When the video was shared on Instagram, Elvish and Akshay Kumar were visible in the cover photo. When Manisha saw this, she objected. Manisha's team called Kataria and asked her to put the cover photo of Manisha with Elvish.

Elvish Yadav refuses to change Manisha Rani's photo

Kataria avoided Manisha Rani's team by saying that Elvish was in flight, so the cover would be updated only after his arrival. A lot of time and days passed by doing this. Manisha got angry, so she talked to Elvish and Elvish refused her that the cover photo would not be changed. After this Manisha unfollowed him. He also described Elvish as arrogant.

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