Who is Copernicus who told where the Iranian President's helicopter fell, he is monitoring the whole earth with his 'eyes'

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New Delhi: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash. There is suspicion of a conspiracy regarding his death. The Iranian government had difficulty locating Raisi's helicopter, which crashed near the forests and mountains of Azerbaijan. The Iranian government had urged the European Union to activate its Copernicus emergency management service to locate the crashed helicopter. It is being said that Copernicus' Rapid Response Mapping Service had detected the location of the helicopter, after which Turkish drones discovered it.

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Copernicus is called the eye of the earth

Copernicus is called the eyes of Europe keeping an eye on the Earth. It is used only for humanitarian aid. Before finding the location of Raisi's helicopter, European Emergency Management Commissioner Janez Lennarsis clearly said that Copernicus is being used not for political reasons but for humanitarian reasons.

What is Copernicus Emergency Management Service?

Copernicus was launched in 1998. Then its name was Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Program (GMES). It collects data with the help of satellite and gives information about security and environment to people around the world. It is part of the European Union's space program, which collects data in disaster management, climate tracking, construction and other important areas.

Iran's President Raisi was not found even after hours, rescue team could not find the crashed helicopter, know what has happened so far

It is named after the 15th century scientist Copernicus

This EU programme was named after the great 15th century scientist Copernicus. It was launched as part of the EU Space Programme for Earth Observation. Before 1530, the world believed in the Greek philosopher Aristotle's belief that the Earth was at the centre of the universe. The Sun, stars and other celestial bodies revolved around the Earth.

Copernicus Emergency Management Service

Copernicus said that the Earth revolves around the Sun

This perception changed after 1530, when Polish astronomer and scientist Nicolaus Copernicus gave the world the revolutionary formula that the Earth is not at the center of space. In 1530, a book by Copernicus came out, named Commentariolus. In the same book, he told that the Earth, rotating on its axis, completes one revolution in a day and revolves around the Sun in a year. He considered the Earth to be outside the center of the universe. This was called the heliocentrism model.

Copernicus Sentinel

The Copernicus system collects data from the European Space Agency's satellites

How does Copernicus collect data?

The Copernicus emergency management service collects data from hundreds of satellites floating in EU space. In addition, it collects environmental data from ocean measurement systems and land-based stations. Satellites in space, called sentinels, help Copernicus. Copernicus gets this data with the help of sensors installed on the ground, which also keep sending information to satellites in space. The special thing is that the information that Copernicus prepares is available to everyone for free.

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How does Copernicus EMS work?

It was activated in 2012, 14 years after the creation of Copernicus. It works on two models. First- On demand i.e. mapping as per demand. Since Copernicus was used to map the Iranian president's crashed helicopter, its exact location could be determined. The second model is that Copernicus performs important functions such as monitoring disasters around the world, issuing warnings, assessing threats and predicting their impact, and assessing damage after a disaster.

copernicus satellite

What does on demand mapping mean?

Copernicus's on-demand rapid mapping service is activated when a country requests it. This allows Copernicus to rapidly gather data about complex and inaccessible areas such as dense forests, mountains or valleys, within a few hours or a few days. He issues timely warnings about floods, droughts and forest fires. It reads pictures sent from satellite, evaluates them and even takes the help of social media in its work.

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