When Lord Krishna handed her the flute and said 'I am your culprit', Radha Rani replied like this

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Love, a word that reflects the most tender feeling of the heart. Every person has his own definition, on which the effect of changing times is also clearly visible. If we look at the couples of 40 years ago and compare them with the couples of today, the difference is huge.

People and time can change the definition of love, but they cannot change the basic feeling inherent in it. Separation from a lover due to circumstances was painful even earlier and is a cause of pain even today. Whatever the era, the story of those who suffered due to the separation of love from their lives can be read somewhere in the literature related to that time. The same thing happened with the love of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

When Lord Krishna was about to leave Gokul and Nandgaon after completing his leelas, everyone from his parents to the villagers and the gopis were very sad. But this was the most painful for Radha Rani, because Krishna was everything for her. (All photos: Pixabay)

I am your culprit

It is said that before leaving the village, Lord Krishna met Radha and asked for forgiveness, saying, 'O Radha! I am guilty of your crime that I am leaving you like this.' To this Radha Rani replied with a smile, 'You are leaving… it doesn't matter.'

Krishna handed over his flute

Kanhaiya loved his flute and the gopis and Radha were mesmerized by the sweet melody that emanated from it. When Krishna's name is taken, the first image that comes to mind is of Shyam holding a flute.

His flute, also known as Mahananda or Sammohini, was no less important to him than any other organ. This is why he handed over this flute to Radha before going away from her.

Radha laughed after hearing Krishna's words.

Radha laughed after hearing Krishna's words.

When Krishna gave her his flute, Radha wanted to know the reason behind doing so. To this, the Lord said that it is a symbol of his love. Whenever she misses him, she should just play this flute. As soon as she does so, Krishna will appear before her. Radha Rani laughed after hearing this from her Kanhaiya.

Radha said 'This flute will never play'

Radha said this flute will never play

According to the stories, after listening to Krishna's words, Radha Rani laughingly replied that 'then this flute will never play.' When Krishna wanted to know the reason for this, Radha told him 'You said to play whenever you remember, but only that comes to mind which has been forgotten. I cannot forget you even for a moment.'

lord krishna flute and radha7

lord krishna flute and radha7

lord krishna flute and radha6

lord krishna flute and radha6

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