When is the next match between India and Pakistan? Will there be a clash again in the T20 World Cup, Lahore is also ready for the Champions Trophy

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New Delhi. It has been just a few hours since the India-Pakistan match that cricket lovers have started searching about the next match of these two teams. Many cricket lovers want to know if these two teams can clash again in the T20 World Cup 2024. If yes, then when and if not, then which tournament will be when India and Pakistan will clash again. Let's try to find answers to these questions.

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India and Pakistan are in the same Group A in the T20 World Cup 2024. Both the teams have faced each other before, in which India won by 6 runs. According to the format of the T20 World Cup, the top-2 teams from each group will enter the Super-8 round. In the Super-8, every team will play 3 matches, but it will not face the team of its group. Understand it like this that if both India and Pakistan go to the Super-8 group, then these two teams will not face each other in this stage.

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This means that India and Pakistan can face each other again in the semi-finals or finals of this tournament, but not in the Super-8 stage. Both the semi-finals of the tournament will be played on June 27. After this, the final will be held on June 29. It is clear that India and Pakistan can face each other again in the T20 World Cup, but this will be possible only when both these teams move ahead from the Super-8 stage.

Currently, the Indian team is leading the race to Super-8 by winning both its matches. Pakistan has lost both its matches, but despite this, it can still reach Super-8. This will happen only if it wins both its matches and the American team loses both its matches.

If India and Pakistan do not clash again in the T20 World Cup, then we will have to wait till March next year. The ICC Champions Trophy is to be hosted by Pakistan in March 2025. A match between India and Pakistan is possible in this tournament. According to Cricbuzz, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wants to organize an India-Pak match in Lahore. Preparations have started for this. The Indian team has not visited Pakistan for a long time.

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