Another revelation in NEET! Aayushi Patel's result was not declared, the family was shocked to hear NTA's reply

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NTA NEET 2024 Latest News in Hindi: Well But amid the uproar, another shocking case has come to light. This case is of Ayushi Patel's NEET result. Ayushi Patel, a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, had given the NEET UG 2024 exam. But when the NEET result was declared on June 4, it was as if the ground slipped under the feet of her entire family. Ayushi kept checking the website again and again, but she did not get her NEET result. Later, the answer received on asking NTA shocked everyone.

Now the case of Ayushi Patel NEET Result 2024 has come to light. When Ayushi made a video and put it on the internet. Listen to what she said yourself. The whole thing is told below and the video is also given.

NEET Result 2024 Aayushi Patel: What is the matter?

In the video, Aayushi is saying- 'I had given the NEET 2024 exam. A big scam has happened with me. This is my admit card (showing NEET admit card). The day the NEET result came, my result was not opening. It was repeatedly showing on the screen that Your Result is Not Generated. I thought there are 23 lakh children, maybe there is traffic on the site.'

'But after an hour I got an email from NTA which said – Your result cannot be made. Because they found my OMR torn and damaged. I and my family were completely shocked to hear this. But my mother supported me a lot and did not let me go into depression. Because after seeing all this any child loses his temper. He does not understand what to do.'

'We immediately thought of taking action on it. My uncle is a lawyer in the High Court. We went to his house the same night. We sent an email to NTA that if the child's OMR is torn then at least they should show their OMR. It was registered and within 24 hours I got my NEET OMR. Looking at the photo, it seems that it has been torn intentionally.'

Aayushi said that 'In the photo of NEET OMR sent to me by NTA, all the bubbles are clearly visible. When we checked it, I was getting 715 marks. Even after checking with NTA NEET answer key, my final NEET score was the same. So the next day we filed a petition in the High Court. The hearing is on Tuesday.'

Aayushi said, 'This was my third attempt in NEET. I got 535 marks in the first attempt. After that I got 570 marks and now I am getting so many marks. I have worked hard for three years. If I do not get justice and I go into depression, then I will lose faith in NEET and studies.'

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