What is the ideal diet for diabetic patients? Know 5 important things from the doctor

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To control diabetes, one should eat foods with low glycemic index.
All diabetic patients should completely stay away from liquid sugar.

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Ideal Diet For Diabetics: Diabetes is a disease which has to be controlled throughout life. Once someone gets this disease, it is not possible to completely reverse it through treatment. Diabetes is spreading like an epidemic in India and there are more than 10 crore patients of this disease. To control diabetes, it is very important to take proper diet along with medicines. Sugar level can be controlled through good diet. Now the question is what kind of diet should sugar patients take and which food items should they stay away from. Let us know about this from the doctor.

Mumbai's famous Physician and nutritionist Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani told CNBC-TV18 That diabetic patients should completely remove processed foods from their diet. Things available in cans, tins and bottles should be avoided. Diabetes patients should not consume liquid sugar even by mistake. Even fruit juices should be avoided as they contain fructose. Glucose is metabolized in all the cells of our body, whereas fructose is metabolized only in the liver. This causes a sudden spike in blood sugar, which is dangerous for patients. Cold drinks, soda, energy drinks, packaged juices should not be consumed at all.

Experts say that diabetic patients often consume low fat milk and yogurt, but instead everyone should take high fat milk and yogurt. Healthy fats help in controlling sugar. Such patients can also use desi ghee and mustard oil. Apart from this, diabetic patients should take a diet rich in protein. A large number of people in the country are suffering from protein deficiency, due to which the body starts becoming weak. In such a situation, diabetes patients should maintain proper protein intake. Apart from this, one should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits which are too sweet should be taken in less quantity. To control diabetes, fruits with low glycemic index should be eaten.

According to diabetes experts, apart from eating and drinking, sugar patients must do exercise or other physical activities every day. This will help them control blood sugar. Such patients should keep their body hydrated in summer and monitor their blood sugar daily. Medicines given by the doctor should be taken on time and one should not be careless about it. With better diet, good lifestyle and proper monitoring, you can control diabetes to a great extent. If the sugar level is uncontrolled, you should immediately consult a doctor for advice.

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